Pamela A. Rendé, P.T.R Certified Tennis Professional

David Broida, P.T.R Certified Tennis Professional

Our instructors



David Broida and his staff provide private, semi-private and group instruction for both juniors (age 4-18) and adults. Lessons with any of our outstanding teaching professionals may be scheduled at you convenience. Private and semi-private lessons are the best way to get personalized instruction for maximum game improvement. To schedule a lesson and inquire about rates, write to David at or call 610-864-4303.

Our Teaching Philosophy

The coaching staff aims to help adults and children become better tennis players. For children, the program is about more than tennis. The classes incorporate the following:

  • Responsibility: including picking up balls, returning to the line, shuffling back into "ready position" and more.
  • Follow instructions: paying attention to the rules of each game and drill.
  • Tennis etiquette:using good manners in tennis, i.e., it is not polite to run in front of someone, cross a court that is in play, and we encourage players to pick up balls and gently pass them to the opponent.
  • Discipline:hard work and dedication help students improve their skills. To encourage your children to become better players, they must follow these rules. We are here to help your children become better tennis players and better citizens.


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